Wall of Boxes

Some photos of a bookshelving/entertainment/display casework project from earlier in August.  Designed, clearly, by David Schmitz of engage:ARCHITECTURE.  FSC eastern maple from Tree Products–the best place in town to find FSC hardwood these days.  Matching plain-sliced plywood from Eugene’s States Industries.

I’m most keen on the solid wood bypass doors.  Fabrication can be unforgiving–one small misstep can send you back to square one.  (The best guide I’ve found is “Sliding Doors for Furniture” from Fine Woodworking, Sept/Oct 2004.)  Once you’ve got them dialed in, though, the doors glide back and forth with the light touch of a finger–a real joy.

Chintal bookshelvesengage:ARCHITECTU:RE bookshelvesengage:ARCHITECTU:RE bookshelves

engage:ARCHITECTURE bookshelves

Photos and children by client.

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