New Dresser

The cobbler’s kid finally gets a new pair of shoes, as I’m finally getting around to building myself a new dresser, about ten years late.  It’s a patchwork thing, made up largely of leftover pieces from previous projects–a nice way to remember old clients.

All the plywood came from States Industries here in Eugene, including the walnut ApplePly; maple ApplePly; glossy white laminated ApplePly; and CoverPly, an ApplePly core with a thin, black PaperStone veneer.  The acrylic comes from 3form.  The bottom drawer front–the only bit of solid lumber–came from an old crate, made of some indeterminate wood, shipped from Africa to Eugene about 50-odd years ago.  Hardware is push-to-open Salice Futura.

ApplePly dresser


ApplePly dresserApplePly dresser

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