Floating Book Nook

Another project with David Schmitz of engage:ARCHITECTURE from earlier this year.  An old client/grad school chum was looking to utilize an odd space at the top of a stair–too small an area for a standard bit of furniture, but big enough to feel like wasted space.  David came up with a great solution of floating bookshelves and small bench seat, making a cozy spot, under the skylights, for the kids to curl up with a book.

The boxes, dividers, and shelves are FSC eastern maple.  The back is painted 1/2″ Baltic birch with a rabbeted edge that slots into a dado in the case, eliminating the need for nail bars.  Painting the back to match the walls would have added to the floating effect, but it didn’t happen this time.  The outside edges of the boxes appear to die into the walls, while the inside corners are through dovetailed, to nice effect, I think.

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