Welcome to the blog of Bunchberry Woodworking, located in Bend, Oregon.  My goals, here, are to present works in progress, review past projects, speak a bit about technical aspects of woodworking, and share my experience in building cabinets and furniture in more environmentally-benign ways.

I specialize in fabricating custom cabinets in and around Bend, using Oregon-salvaged and FSC-certified lumber, no-added formaldehyde plywood, and low-VOC finishes.  But I also design and build custom furniture pieces and have worked as far away as San Francisco and Seattle.  I collaborate with architects, homeowners, and designers to ensure casework is delivered satisfactorily, on time, and on budget.  Please feel free to contact me about your custom woodworking project.


With a Mira Nakashima Conoid Bench, Mingei Museum, San Diego